My Story

Hi, I’m Christina!! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015 while pregnant with my youngest son Ryker.  After trying many medications, diets and supplements I was unable to reach remission. In September 2017 I contracted E.Coli and C.Diff and was hospitalized. While there I was unresponsive to the “normal” treatment and began Remicade infusions. In February of 2018 we decided to discontinue Remicade because I still had not reached remission and the side effects made it not worth continuing. In June 2018 I was admitted back into the hospital. Once again I wasn’t responding to medication and my body was shutting down quickly. After a week we decided it would be best to remove my entire colon. Surgery went great but recovery wasn’t as smooth as we hoped. I wound up in ICU with internal bleeding and an infection, but after a week I was able to go home and spend 4th of July with family. The next step will be in September when I will be having APR surgery which will make my ileostomy permanent! hospital