Meet Fran

I finally named my Ostomy!!! Well actually I named her about a month ago but didn’t want to announce it until I was absolutely certain it was the right choice.

Her name is FRAN!  She was named after Fran Fine from The Nanny.


Here is why
While I was in the hospital both last fall and this past June/July I watched The Nanny every morning and even though I couldn’t stand her at first, I kind of fell in love with Fran! She has her own flare, she does what she wants, she’s a busy body but also kind of lazy, her voice drives me insane, she is always dressed nice and at the end of the day she makes everything so much better for the Sheffield’s. That also describes my stoma almost perfectly. She does whatever she wants, she dresses nicer than I do, when she talks it drives me crazy, she’s busy and lazy all at the same time, she definitely has her own flare and she made everything for our family so much better!
And of course the Theme song “Who would have guessed that the girl we described was just exactly what the doctor prescribed?”

So friends meet Fran my Ostomy!

Fran Ostomy

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